Financial support

Financial support for the organization of research seminars and symposia

ISED members that are preparing the organization of research seminars and symposia can ask ISED for financial support. The activities that ISED financially supports are seminars and symposia that:

  • Fit in the research themes that ISED covers
  • Contribute to the training of PhD students, by providing them an active role in the program and / or the organization of the seminar/symposium.
  • Have the objective to enhance the knowledge development of ISED members at large and not only of those researchers that are directly involved

Preferably the research seminars and symposia also:

  • Involves research groups of multiple ISED institutional members
  • Invites national and international speakers and participants that form are a representative group of researchers in one of the specific research subfields.

Please note that per application a maximum of € 2500,- euros can be asked from ISED and that the Board will decide whether a financial contribution will awarded. In order to overcome incomplete proposals and time pressure on the rewarding procedure (with regards to the organization of the seminar/symposium), we ask applicants to use the form below and hand in proposals to ISED as soon as possible. Applications can be send to the Board of ISED via email to the secretariat of ISED (

Research seminar proposal form 2013 – 2015 (.doc)